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2.1. Renewing your services online

How to renew your services Online

     Note: That you will not be allowed to change your Package/Service online, you must come in store, call us, or open a service ticket to change your Package/Service. You may also sign-up for a new account to select a new package--and your old account will be deleted automatically.

     After completing the steps your Data and time will reset. 

 If there are any issues, it may be due to the following:

Please note this common problem: If you make a payment without going through the renewal process, our system may not know what to apply your payment to. Although the system knows you made a payment, it marks the payment as available credit and since it is not applied to your service you may be unable to login--your account will show 'Expired' even after making a payment in this case. Please submit a support ticket or call support and we can resolve this very quickly.

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