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1.2. I just renewed my service/added data ... so why is it so slow?

If you have subscribed to the Babtel Wireless Router service (in NAT mode/Router mode, not a repeater), you may have an issue after renewing your service. Typically, after you renew your service your account automatically has the new upload/download, and data cap values set correctly. However, often the Router stays logged in and never gets the auto updated values, to resolve this please do the below:

1. Use a computer or phone connected behind the router, i.e. on the WiFi from the router or on one of the router's LAN ports

2. Open up a web browser, e.g. Chrome

3. Go to the logout URL, i.e. at AUAB this would be https://auab-login.babtel.net/endses.ptl

4. If status popup should appear, click on 'Disconnect'

5. Once confirmed that your are logged out, try to go to https://www.cnn.com, you should get automatically redirected to login.

6. Login and verify your service is working correctly

If this does not resolve your issue please contact Support to open a ticket and we'll get it fixed ASAP!

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