Announcement: 23 March 2021

Dear Subscribers,

New Live-Chat Platform
We are implementing a new "live-chat" platform to improve your customer support experience. Please, help us optimize this new tool by providing feedback in the survey provided at the end of each live-chat session.

Recurring Maintenance
Please Note: We have scheduled maintenance every Tuesday morning on our Data Center systems in the USA and UK and our Network Systems in Qatar at 02:00 AM Arabia Time (UTC +3:00). Users may experience difficulty logging in during this time, not to exceed 15 minutes. Thanks for being patient while we keep our systems healthy!

Company and Service Information
Please visit for information about Babylon Telecommunications, Inc. (Babtel) including general information, Terms and Conditions, Price and Refund Policy, Minimum Requirements and more.

Don't Close the Pop-up Window: Don't Close the Pop-up Window: Please do not close or block the pop-up window after you login. This needs to remain open to ensure you do not get disconnected unintentionally from the network. Also, the Pop-up shows the I/O value, which displays the data remaining from the data cap and your IP Address (which we use for quick identification/location in case we need to troubleshoot an issue for a user).

Email Opt-out: If you want to unsubscribe from these emails, please login to the Customer Account Center using your login credentials:

  1. Login to

  2. Click on 'Account Settings'

  3. Click on 'Email notification options'

  4. Select ‘Don’t Send Notifications’ for the ‘Announcements’

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